My Beachy Fairy-Tale Wedding

As I sat back in the jam-packed car on the very long, 24 hour drive to our beautiful dream wedding destination, the one and only BROOME, Western Australia, I took the time to reflect… On love. 

But not the type of love that you’re probably thinking of. Not the love for the man I was about to marry, and not the love for the people who were about to witness our special day (as much as I, of course, do love them all dearly). Nope, I’m talking about the love for MYSELF.

Why oh why could I suddenly not stop thinking about my self-love journey?!

Well, let me explain.

So many of us believe that in order to be loved, or shall we say “liked”, we must fit in. We must BE, LOOK and ACT like everyone else.

Or, on the other hand, many of us believe that in order to be loved, we must stand out from the crowd… By achieving this idea of “perfection.”

Trust me, I’ve tried both. And both caused nothing but UNHAPPINESS.

Now, looking back, I realise that what I was feeling during both of these times in my life came from a lack of confidence in myself. Lack of confidence to just be who I was!

As I headed into my wedding day, I realised; Love doesn’t come from being “approved” by the people around you. Love comes from accepting, embracing and then (over time) LOVING who you are without that external validation.

And you know what the most amazing part is? When you learn to love you, you allow yourself to BE you. Slowly, you worry less about the opinions of others, or the expectations of society. And you start to show up by saying “THIS IS ME” and I am deserving of all the happiness, love and magic in the world.

Then, next thing you know, love starts to find you. YOUR PEOPLE start to find you. How do you know they’re your people? Oh trust me girl, you know!

They lift you up, they inspire you to chase your dreams and they empower you to be nothing other than your favourite version of yourself. You no longer feel like you have to change. Those are the people that matter.

And THAT is love.

When you love YOU, exactly as you are, that is when love will find you.

So from me to you my girls – stop trying to change the amazing person that you are. Stop pushing yourself to be “better” or holding yourself back just to “fit in”. You are capable and worthy of SO much love – you just have to believe it xxx

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