Top 10 Lessons of 2019

With every year (believe it or not) we ALL grow. We learn new things, gain new experiences, learn new lessons, and see the world differently.

2019 was a HUGE year for AH (both Alternatively Healthy and Asha Holland!) and I would be crazy not to sit down and reflect on the biggest lessons that this rollercoaster year taught me.

I’m sure some of you will be able to relate!

1.       Choose YOUR people and make time for them.

 1 year ago I would have told you that I had a group of about 20 girlfriends… Can you imagine how much energy it takes to try and maintain strong relationships with 20 people!? 2019 taught me to take a step back and pay close attention to who was giving as much love & energy back to me. Who was there when I needed them most and who did I turn to when my cup needed to be filled? Going into 2020 I can say that I have about 4 close girlfriends. And that doesn’t mean I had to “cut” anyone or have any awkward conversations! I still love them all, but now I have MY circle, and my heart (and energy levels) are thanking me for it. 

2.       Stop searching for approval.

While my #1 message above everything else is that YOU ARE ENOUGH, 2019 opened my eyes to the areas where I was still struggling to embrace this motto myself. This year, I don’t need to seek the tick of approval on every idea, from every other person. Instead, if it feels right for ME – we’re on!

3. Back yourself.

Similar to above, 2019 taught me that SELF-BELIEF really is key. The happiest, or most “successful” people in this world, didn’t get there by luck. They believed that they could create the life they wanted – and that they were worthy of exactly that.

4. Time is not the problem. It’s how you prioritise.

2019 was largely a year of dreaming. Immersing myself in the “planning” of what AH was becoming. As much I love dreaming, 2020 is about doing. Making.It.Happen.

5. 1 thing done well, is better than 10 things left unfinished.

This was a BIG one for me! Rather than always searching for the next best thing (yes, especially when I am only half way through something already), I will slow down and be present on the task – or moment – at hand. How? Priorities + self-belief.

6. The female body is truly, TRULY incredible.

The AH brand started when I needed a platform to share my journey to discovering “healthy” – away from the rule book. It was my ULTIMATE mission to learn what this actually meant to me, how to show myself love, and how to help my body recover from the damage I had caused. In 2019 it was my priority to help my body go one step further and THRIVE! Going into 2020, I am preparing to meet my little bubba… Enough said. #thankyoubody

7. Sleep.

I mean, I know that EVERY single book, podcast, blog and interview I have ever heard emphasises the importance of sleep for our health… but WOW, I never took the time to pay close enough attention to how much it ACTUALLY impacts every single aspect of our lives. As part of your 2020 action plan, find your optimal # of hours of sleep – and prioritise it over everything! (sorry new mumma’s, probably not you)

8. Smile more.

Did you know that putting a smile on your face (yes, even if you don’t FEEL like it) – can actually change your whole mood? This year, when those nasty negative thoughts/emotions creep in, I’ll be A) asking myself “is it really that bad?” and B) challenging myself to a little smile.

9. An attitude of gratitude.

I feel like I will never stop learning how important this one is for our mental health. Gratitude. Is. Everything.

10. ‘Perfection’ doesn’t exist.

The whole concept behind AH, yet one that I believe we all need reminding of. Stop waiting for the perfect time, and just-start. The world is ready for you.

2020, I am SO ready! xx


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