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“Healthy grades mean nothing without a healthy mindset”

With mental health concerns being at an all time high, social media comparison overtaking real life and teen girls feeling more pressure than ever before, schools have been begging for a resource to truly make an impact. We listened – and we’re making a difference to thousands of students across the country.


THE go-to program across Australia to provide the confidence, positivity and “I AM ENOUGH” mindset to teen girls.

I will never be able to thank Asha enough for teaching us the AH message. She proved to all of us that we don’t need to be afraid of not being good enough. We can just BE OURSELVES!

Ruby, 16

AH Interactive Introductory Session

45 minutes of incredible inspiration, motivation and empowerment to open eyes to the importance of a healthy mindset. Covering snippets of the below topics, students instantly become attracted to the AH message and form a relationship with Asha, the founder and face of the movement. This session always leaves the girls feeling ready and excited to start approaching life with confidence, rather than comparison.

However, it also leaves them asking “what’s next?”

AH Ongoing School Resources

Created specifically for upper high school girls, these resources are guaranteed to change lives.

With stories and lessons from some of Australia's most influential female role models, this content is not only highly relatable and exciting, but covers everything that a teenage girl needs to transform the mindset from perfectionism and insecurities to self-belief, passion and confidence during these critical years.

What makes the Alternatively Healthy program THE go-to around the nation?

Content created by AH Founder, Asha Holland, who experienced these teen struggles herself and has an incredible method of connecting with the girls in a way that teachers and parents struggle to do.
Delivered by YOU
Our annual AH schools conference provides full training to your mentors on delivering the provided resources in a way that best suits your school structure.
EASY access
Integrated into your school system for easy management and monitoring.
PROVEN results
Our analytics team closely track the results from every school that we work with and present these findings back to you at the completion of the program.
24/7 SUPPORT from our experienced team.

Thank you so much for coming into our school. Most girls don’t open up and express their feelings, but you helped us to realise how important we all are – and how easy it is to say nice things about ourselves! You changed all of our lives today.

Hayley, 16


Some of the topics included:

Striving for excellence vs. perfectionism
Social media vs. Reality
The power of a healthy mind
The brain & its need for fuel
Self-belief & increasing confidence
Importance of rest & avoiding burnout
Self acceptance
Knowing your self-worth & understanding your potential

Evaluating expectations
Overcoming comparison & judgement
The impact of stress on the body
Importance of self-care
Goal setting & finding your passion
Positive psychology
Life “balance”

EVERYTHING your girls need to set their mindset up for life.


Please email us at for our full school program outline – or to schedule a meeting.

Asha changed my whole entire mindset. Her activities and tips helped me to let go of minor things that I was holding in and instead to be confident in me and my abilities. Thank you for making such a huge difference.

Jenaya, 17


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