The TRUTH Behind My “Perfect Body”

Have you ever looked at a girl and thought, “I wish I looked like her?”

I have!

My ultimate “health” goal was always to achieve the ‘perfect’ body. Because the perfect bikini body is what would bring happiness, right?

Wrong. And let me tell you why.

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As a Fitness Professional, I knew all the “rules”. Eat this, don’t eat that, exercise for this long, push harder, be strict, don’t give in.

So that’s exactly what I did. Being a perfectionist, following the strict rules was the easy part.

What wasn’t so easy was when I realised this passion for “health” quickly down-spiralling into a very unhealthy OBSESSION…

Where food now revolved around calorie counting, restriction and extreme guilt. Where exercise was a form of punishment, and a way to manipulate my body! And where I completely lost my reason of “why” I was sacrificing EVERYTHING for this one goal.  

Feeling extremely fatigued, insecure and disconnected from the world around me, doesn’t really sound “healthy” right?

Then how come when I stepped up on stage as an award winning bikini model, I received more praise and attention than I ever had before..? Because everyone was looking at the OUTSIDE.

On the outside I was smiling, I’d achieved my dream body. On the inside, I had never felt more UNHEALTHY or UNHAPPY in my entire life. Deep down, I was screaming for help.

Fast forward several huge wake-up calls, excessive amounts of money, countless specialist appointments and endless breakdowns later, I realised just how UNhealthy my journey to “health” really was and how much damage I had caused.

Why had no one warned me?

It turns out, that the secret to happiness didn’t lie in achieving perfection…

Once I stopped following the rules, comparing myself against everyone else and trying to do things the “right” way, my entire life changed.

Along with the lives of hundreds of other girls!

MY healthy didn’t come from a body. It came from discovering the confidence to just-be-myself! And by sharing this with the world, it sparked a new kind of movement.

One where there are no expectations, where social media isn’t the ideal, and where we are allowed to love ourselves exactly as we are!

Stop pushing yourself to achieve someone else’s image!!

Healthy means something different for every single person. And I promise, it is faaaarrr from what we see on the outside.

Please girl, stop comparing yourself.

You ARE ENOUGH, exactly as you are… You just need to discover that inner confidence to believe it.

Asha x

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