Eloise’s Story

Eloise Pascal did not have an easy life growing up. Bullying was extreme, negativity was everywhere and food was her control mechanism. So much so that at one point, Ella realised that she had gained 60+kg in less than 12 months. 

But what most people wouldn’t realise is that she was suffering with extreme binge eating disorder in BOTH of these photos. A perfect example of the fact that we have NO idea how “healthy” someone is just by looking at them!

So, how DID Ella discover her healthy, learn to love herself and develop her new positive outlook on life..?

Q1.         Tell us about young Eloise! How would you describe yourself as a child? 

A: Although bright and happy on the outside, I was deeply sad and depressed on the inside. I lost my mum at a young age, and my family were not very positive and uplifting people. The constant negativity and put downs really impacted my self esteem and mental health and that followed through into my adulthood.

Q2.         Were there any hard times that you faced growing up?

So so many! I was a massive tom boy, I went through losing my mum and being raised by my grandma, and was dealing with a lot of bullying from my family. I was really naughty at school too. I was also overweight, and extremely self-conscious about how I looked. I was always trying to wear the baggiest clothes possible to hide myself! Once my aunty asked if I wore a jumper even in summer because I wanted to hide my budding breasts… NO SUSAN I AM TRYING TO HIDE MY BELLY! I also remember when it came to school photos one year, I so badly wanted to look skinny that I tried to cover my body with my arm. LOL. Safe to say it is the most awkward school photo EVER. I will have to dig it up and show you guys!

Q3.         Do you believe that they played a large part in your journey to who you are today?

I believe everything we go through as people forms who we become. Every single person will take every single experience differently, so it’s all about what you take from it. Someone who is badly bullied might conclude that “people are bad and evil”. Whilst someone else might conclude “I will always stand up for people if I see them getting bullied, I really want to change this in my society!”.

Q4.         How would you describe the girl that you are now?

Going through such a tough life, has forced me to grow in so many ways. It’s safe to say that I am a completely different person than who I used to be. I used to be a bully, a thief, and depressed… because I didn’t know any better. Because of all my experiences I now choose to be kind, giving, and happy.

Q5.         How has your mindset switched during that time?

At the time, I didn’t realise how important my mind was in the equation of life. I think through all my negative experiences, they had me asking myself “Why did this happen to me?”. Upon reflection I found that a lot of it came down to me taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions. I now work endlessly to improve my mind, and how it thinks. My mindset has changed from “I hate my life” to “I love my life” and this manifested into my every day life.

Q6.         Do you still have “down” days? What is the difference now?

OH YEAH! I still have down days all the time. The difference is that I have grown so much, that the down days aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. My down days used to carry on for weeks or months, or even years if I am being honest, whereas now they carry on for hours or days. Practice makes perfect. 

Q7.         What do you WISH you could go back and tell your younger self?

So many things! To seek out your people. To never give up no matter how many times you fail. To get advice and mentorship from people who already have the fruit on the tree. To listen to your intuition.

To know that the world is working in your favour. The importance of a cup half full outlook. The importance of giving back. The importance of surrounding yourself with positivity. The importance of a balanced lifestyle. The importance of having a community. I could go on forever!

Wow, what an inspirational gal.

Ella shares more realness over on her own blog (www.activewithella.com.au) and is just as fabulous on Instagram (@activewithella.au

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