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Life is for LIVING – not worrying!

STOP letting your insecurities, self-doubt and expectations hold you back from living life!

Here at AH, “Healthy” is not an image of perfection. It cannot be defined by a number and it most certainly does not depend on the opinions of anyone else.

Healthy is about finding the confidence to just be YOU – to know your worth, to make the most of EVERY single second of your time on this planet – and to look back on life with an overwhelming sense of fulfilment.

Stop striving for the “right” way and start doing it YOUR way! No restrictions, no comparison, and certainly no guilt. Just a whooooole lot of passion & excitement for LIFE.

Oh, and a kick-ass empowering community of girlfriends coming along for the ride.





Founder, CEO, your new best friend.

Fitness professional turned “health” obsessed, orthorexic, anxious, disordered eating bikini model who never quite felt “good enough”. Believing that the key to life’s happiness was to achieve “perfection”.

And stopping at absolutely nothing to achieve it.

So I did it. I achieved perfection. AND all the attention that I thought I so desperately needed! “Wow Asha, you look SO good!” “Can you help ME to look like that?!” “I bet you feel AMAZING!” …

What no one knew is that I had never felt more UNhappy or UNhealthy in my entire life.

I was stuck in this mindset of comparison, restriction, guilt and self-doubt. Sacrificing precious years of my LIFE constantly trying to change who I was - to achieve this unrealistic expectation of what healthy should LOOK like from the outside!

Why couldn’t I just be ME..?!

It took hitting my rock bottom, my body completely shutting down and losing all love for life to realise that it just wasn’t worth it.

Turns out (after a lot of study, extensive research, therapy and re-training my brain) – that perfection does NOT = happiness.

And once we stop striving for it… Once we accept ourselves and fall in love with who we really are - life is pretty freaking amazing.

Discovering my confidence allowed me to find MY version of healthy – connecting me with thousands of girls around the world who helped me to realise – I was never alone.

And neither are you.

I believe that my journey happened for a reason, and it’s my mission to help every girl in Australia find HER spark for life.

Because we are all so, SO worth it! xx

Bachelor of Science, University of Western Australia
Accredited Exercise Scientist, Exercise & Sport Science Australia
Wellness Coach, Wellness Coaching Australia
Nutrition Counsellor, Health Academy Australia


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